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Everything you need to know about Lift-Chair/Recliners

By Mike Kuller, RPh

Lift-chair/Recliners are very comfortable easy chairs which recline, elevate your legs and then lift you up to almost a standing position making it easy to get out of the chair. They are operated by a hand-held remote control, rather than the lever you have to pull on the side of Lazy-Boy-type chairs.

Lift-chairs are available with a single or dual motor. The single motor chairs are called “two” or “three position” chairs – when the back reclines, the leg-rest comes up with it as they work together. Some are available with a second motor – these are called “infinite position” chairs – which allow you to control the back and the leg-rest separately. With the infinite position chairs you can get into a “zero-gravity” position which takes all of the pressure off of your lower back and you feel like you are floating, the Trendelenberg position with your legs elevated above your heart to reduce swelling in your legs, or just a reclined-all-the-way-back position for comfortable sleeping.

Lift- chairs come in various styles with different support and padding designs and in different sizes to fit people of different heights and weight. It is very important to sit in the various chairs to find the one which fits the best and feels most comfortable since you will be spending a lot of time in it. There is a wide range of fabric choices and colors available including Brisa, a synthetic leather which breathes like a fabric.

There are two primary manufacturers of lift-chair/recliners in the US – Golden Technology and Pride. We are a distributor for both brands and carried them both when we first opened the store. However, our customers seemed to prefer the Golden Technology chairs which are better made and about the same price, so we eventually stopped carrying the Prides. Golden Technology is a third generation family-owned company in Pennsylvania and their chairs and components are all made in the United States. They use kiln-dried maple (a hardwood) for their frames rather than plywood like other manufacturers. These are very nice, solid pieces of furniture which will last a long time.

We offer an exclusive two-year store warranty which covers the entire chair and will deliver them for free in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. We have the largest selection of lift-chair/recliners in the Bay Area with at least nine different chairs in our showroom.

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