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Everything you need to know about Mobility Scooters

by Mike Kuller, RPh

Mobilty scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries and most models come in either three or four-wheeled versions. These are different from powered wheelchairs which use a joystick for control and the scooters are usually smaller, lighter and much less expensive. They use a thumb or finger control on the handlebar.

We carry the Pride GoGo Series in our store – the Ultra X, the Elite Traveller and the Elite Traveller Plus. The three-wheeled scooters have a smaller turning radius and are more maneuverable. The four-wheeled scooters are more stable on uneven surfaces, especially for larger patients and are harder to tip over.

These scooters are small and come apart into four pieces so they can be put into the trunk of a car and don’t require a car carrier. They will even fit in the trunk of a Prius, for example. To disassemble: The seat lifts up and off. The battery lifts up and out. The tiller collapses down. You lift the hinge behind where the battery goes and the scooter base separates into two pieces. The heaviest part is the battery on the 3-wheeled scooters, either 19lb or 29lb on the Plus. The smaller battery has a range of 10 to 12 miles on a full charge; the larger battery will go 12 to 15 miles. With the 4-wheeled scooters, the front wheel section is slightly heavier than the battery.

The scooters come with a battery charger which plugs into a port in the front of the battery and then into a wall outlet. It is best to leave the battery to charge for at least eight hours or overnight. The charger will turn off when the battery is fully charged. We recommend charging the battery at least once a week even when the scooter is not being used. We provide a free 2 year store warranty on everything including the battery which the manufacturers cover for only 6 months.

We can order the larger scooters and the car carriers (battery or car electricity) which plug into a trailer hitch.

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