Everything you need to know about Adjustable Beds

By Mike Kuller, RPh

We sell two types of adjustable beds and we have both beds on our showroom floor for you to see. 

Great Hospital Beds!

One is our fully electric low “medical bed”. It comes in a  long twin and has three motors operated by a remote control – one to raise the head, one to raise the legs and a third to raise and lower the height of the bed between 16” - to make it easier to get in and out - and 26” - for caregiver convenience -  from the floor. It comes with a foam mattress with 5 zones of firmness and softness to support different parts of the body. And it includes half side-rails. 


Amazing Luxury Beds!

The other bed we sell is a “luxury adjustable bed” and it is as comfortable as any bed you would find in a luxury bed store. It only has two motors so the height from the floor cannot be changed from 24”. The luxury beds are available in long twin, full, queen and king size with dual remote controls.


For maximum comfort, the luxury bed mattress can be substituted for the one on the medical bed.

Great Service!

We offer free delivery and set-up of our beds in Concord, Contra Costa and Alameda Counties and we add an exlusive two-year store warranty to the manufacturer’s warranty and take care of the bed for you as long as you own it.

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