Everything you need to know about Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchairs

by Mike Kuller, RPh 

Mobilty scooters and power wheelchairs are powered by rechargeable batteries.  Most scooters come in either three or four wheel models.  The three-wheeled are more maneuverable and work great indoors. The four-wheeled models are more stable from tipping over and work great outdoors.  

Power wheelchairs use a joystick for control and have no handlebars. They have at least four wheels and are very maneuverable, able to turn in a small circle, and are very stable, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Great Mobilty Scooters!

We are dealers for three different lines of scooters (Golden, Drive and Pride) but carry only the Pride GoGo Series in our store.  Pride is the most popular brand in the US and because they sell so many, they are more dependable and reliable than the others.

We have the Elite Traveller, the LX (with suspension) and the Elite Traveller Sport in our showroom. 

These scooters are small and come apart into four pieces so they can be put into the trunk of a car and don’t require a car carrier (which costs more than the scooter). They will even fit in the trunk of a Prius, for example. 

Easy to Transport!

To disassemble: The seat lifts up and off. The battery lifts up and out. The tiller collapses down. You lift the hinge behind the seat post and the scooter base separates into two pieces. The heaviest part is the battery which is either 20lb or 30lb. The smaller battery has a range of8 to 10 miles and the larger battery will go 12 to 15 miles and has more power for small hills. 

We can order the larger Pride scooters and can refer you to someone who can install a carrier on your car.

Excellent Power Wheelchairs!

We also carry Pride power wheelchairs and have the light Go Chair, which also comes apart into four pieces, in our showroom.  The other power chair we have on our floor is the new Whill C-1, a unique power chair with amazing adjustability and a patented front wheel design that allows it to go over uneven terrain and turn in a smaller radius than other power wheelchairs.  This chair can even be summoned by a smartphone.

Why Chose Allstar Medical Supply?  Great Service!

Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right model for your needs.  We provide free set-up and delivery to Concord, Contra Costa and alameda Counties plus an exclusive free 2 year store warranty on everything (including the batteries) which is longer than the manufacturer's warranty and we will take care of the scooter or wheelchair for you as long as you own it.  

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